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On the bathroom door at my school.

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To all hunters, time lords, detectives, cannibals, hobbits, superheroes, trekies, wizards, demigods, tributes, mishamigos, gleeks, trainers, homestuckies, hetalians, directioners, and every other fandom out there…

Everyone that reblogs this will get their url written in this journal so in the case of a sudden zombie apocalypse, I know who I can count on to help me kill them. I’ll take a picture when it’s all filled up.

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More work on this thing from long ago. Mostly playing with it.

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scribble scribble scribble

Posted 2 months ago

Awww. She got to experience snow on her 6month birthday.

Posted 2 months ago

Hm…. Robin? I’m confused to what you are doing >.>

Posted 2 months ago

A WIP from a looooong time ago. Rapture you psycho Unicron worshiper. Your human form is making things difficult >:[

I need to draw or finish things. Ugh. So disappointed in myself ><

Posted 2 months ago

Creature Design for class

Posted 4 months ago

School assignment. woot woot

Posted 5 months ago

18hrs. So much work in 2 days. A lot I want to fix but I’m kind of happy with it. Got a good grade on it so huzzah ^^